Lantern Tree: Four Books of Poems

Art by Andrew Peck and cover design by Rondi Vasquez.

Lantern Tree
Lantern Tree: 

Four Books of Poems
is a work published  in 2012 by City Works Press.

The Collaboration

The voices of four San Diego poets meet at a crossroads of poetic traditions to contemplate home––home as a sense of place and a sense of self, home as much outside as it is inside.

In this collaboration, the lyrical greets the ecstatic in free verse and form. The portrait, the narrative, and the muscle of language collide and reform. The poems lean against each other for support and weave the light and the dark in a quest for purpose, family, community and reason. Each poet responds to the beauty, the truth, and the ugliness found along the way.

Lantern Tree: Four Books of Poems